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Dietary Supplement

ENERGY: Natural ingredients that promote focused energy. This focused energy is a sustainable energy boost that won't leave you feeling anxious or jittery.

VITALITY: Multi-purpose age-defying vitality blend. Super-ingredient Bamboo Silica can enhance connective tissues, including collagen, which begins to deplete/deteriorate as our bodies age.

HEART: Getting a sufficient amount of Omega 3 Fatty Acids is a major factor in reducing the risk of Heart Disease.

MUSCLE: A big hurdle with many forms of weight-loss is a simultaneous decrease or loss of muscle. A powerful Amino blend contributes to the ability of Fat Burner+ to enhance post-workout muscle recovery, repair and growth.

WEIGHT LOSS: Unique and potent ingredients designed to boost the body's Resting Metabolic Rate (RMR) and stimulate fat loss.

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Dietary Supplement

FOCUS: Sharpen your mind and enhance cognitive function.

ANTI-AGING: Age defying Vitality Blend contains powerful ingredients to repair oxidative damage and restore elasticity.

ACTIGIN Proprietary compound that has been proven to increase energy, endurance and aerobic Capacity. Also reduces inflammation and oxidative damage caused by exercise.

SUPERFOODS: Powerful blend of 30 essential super foods for overall health and well being.

JOINT HEALTH: Fight arthritis and restore elasticity to joints.

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Dietary Supplement

TASTE: Chocolate, Vanilla, or Strawberry, whatever your preference, health has never tasted so good! No fructose, no sucralose, no pointless carbs. Vida Shake isnaturally flavoredand enhanced with stevia.

HEART: Consuming certain foods such as the compounds found in Vida Shake's Superfood Complex, can have a profound affect on heart health.

ABSORPTION: Enzyme Complex that helps stimulate your body's digestive function to efficiently break down food and absorb nutrients.

MUSCLE: Rapidly digestible, high-quality fuel for you muscles! Triple Micro Filtered Whey Isolate Protein plus a full BCAA Complex.

SILICA: Restore elasticity to joints and connective tissues.

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Dietary Supplement

BALANCE: Boost your body's pH level naturally with organic, natural and raw whole foods.

CONVENIENCE: Make it easy to get the nutrition your body requires to function at an optimal level while on the go.

BOOST YOUR DEFENCES: Help your body counteract the acidic environment created by less than optimal eating habits. Enjoy your bodies improved ability to defend against the symptoms created by such an environment: The common cold, weight gain, joint pain, headaches, insomnia, acid reflux, constipation and other uncomfortable conditions.

VEGAN: Over 20 different phyto-nutrient based, vegetarian and vegan ingredients including Bamboo Silica to keep your body running like a finely tuned machine.

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Shampoo and Body Wash

NO HARSH CHEMICALS: All-natural and organic, our plant based and silica infused shampoo and body wash.

UNIVERSAL: Perfect for every member of the family.

INTELLIGENTLY CLEAN: pH balanced cleanse that washes away dirt instead of washing away your skins natural and protective oils.

WASH & REJUVENATE: Infused with Bamboo Silica to help increases collagen levels, helping prevent skin wrinkling and promote suppleness. Bamboo Silica also helps to strengthen the hair shaft so hair grows thicker, stronger and is less prone to breakage.

SAFE: Tear-free, hypo-allergenic and safe on color treated hair.

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Serum Eye Treatment

FAST ACTING: Absorbs immediately into skin, visibly reducing years of wrinkles and signs of aging. Evens skin tone and corrects the visible damage caused by exposure to harsh environments.

NATURAL: None of the traditional harmful chemicals found in other "instant result" products that will damage your skin and body over the long term.

AGE-DEFYING: Fortified with Bamboo Silica, our formula won't simply mask the effects of aging, it will begin to unwind them.

UNISEX: Encourages natural, silky and soft skin around the eyes, restoring a more youthful appearance for both men and women.

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Eye Lash Extender

1st IMPRESSION: Highlights the beauty of your eyes to create unforgettable first impressions.

VOLUMIZING: Works with your favorite mascara to create the desired level of beautiful lash volume through our easy 4 step process.

CONDITIONS: Healthy Hypo-allergenic and fortified with Bamboo Silica, you can live your day confidently, knowing that your makeup is truly nourishing your skin and lashes instead of compromising them.

ALL-DAY: Waterproof to ensure that your first impression is flawless, regardless of where your daily activities may take you.

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Nighttime Ingestible Oil

MELATONIN: Natural hormone produced in the body to encourage healthy and deeper sleep. Blended with:

THYME ESSENTIAL OIL: Helps remove toxins from the body, protects against infection and boosts immunity. It reduces cardiac stress, improves digestion and provides relief from excess gas.

OREGANO ESSENTIAL OIL: Provides protection against certain infections, soothes inflammation and can provide relief from allergy symptoms. Can also act as a powerful, natural pain killer.

VALERIAN ROOT ESSENTIAL OIL: Aids in improving mood and reducing anxiety while helping address insomnia and improving quality of sleep. Useful in preventing cognitive disorders, regulating blood pressure and stimulating metabolic rate.

SPEARMINT ESSENTIAL OIL: Relaxes nerves and muscles, promotes circulation and aids in proper functioning of all organ systems. Improves concentration and helps provide relief from headaches and stress.

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What if you could take our advantage


Bamboo Silica possesses such a wide spectrum of life enhancing properties that it can become an extremely difficult task to nail down just a handful to focus on! Years ago, our eyes were opened wide as we began to truly understand just what an irreplaceable resource Bamboo Silica is when it comes to living a long, healthy, flourishing life. From the preservation of youthful skin, the strengthening of bones, teeth and nails, improving the function and health of joints, increasing the body’s absorption of important minerals many times over, boosting cardiovascular health, all the way to promoting hair growth, strength and thickness. Amazingly enough however, the good news doesn’t stop there! As we continued to build the company around our Bamboo Nutra product lines, we began to realize that the amazing properties of Bamboo don’t stop with the products themselves. There are striking similarities between the characteristics of this incredible sustainable plant and the philosophies, values and approach that have become Bamboo Nutra.

What can the Bamboo Nutra Opportunity mean to you?

A lifestyle that goes above and beyond anything you’ve ever imagined – a lifestyle filled with Health • Fitness • Nutrition • Community • Compassion • and Financial Independence!

Begin Your Journey And Transform You Future.

There are so many reasons that people join the Bamboo Nutra Family: The ability to achieve their own health and fitness goals and guide others towards achieving the same, extra income, a fulfilling career, a life of purpose and significance, financial freedom, and the list goes on! How does it work? Bamboo Nutra offers a comprehensive system comprised of products, training, resources, technology, and support all wrapped up into what we call the By Nature Lifestyle. By simply living and promoting this Lifestyle, you can start to impact and better the lives of the people around you. Make the commitment to impact and add value to the lives of those around you, and our system will put you in a position to achieve your perfect balance of personal and financial success!

Whatever your aspirations are, it’s time to pursue them. Bamboo Nutra won’t just show you the destination; we will help you unlock and harness your potential, and walk side-by-side with you every step of the way!

Find out how the Bamboo Nutra Opportunity is right for you.


Not only can you experience the rewarding and fulfilling lifestyle that goes hand-in-hand with joining the Bamboo Nutra Family, but for a limited time, you have the opportunity to earn a spot in Bamboo Nutra’s elite Founders Club. The Founders Club bonus pool is based on a percentage of company-wide profits, so that each time Bamboo Nutra grows, Founders Club Coaches grow right along with us!

The Founders Club awaits, and the first step is getting started!
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