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What can the Bamboo Nutra Opportunity mean to you?

A lifestyle that goes above and beyond anything you've ever imagined - a lifestyle filled with Health • Fitness • Nutrition • Community • Compassion • and Financial Independence!

Begin Your Journey And Transform You Future.

There are so many reasons that people join the Bamboo Nutra Family: The ability to achieve their own health and fitness goals and guide others towards achieving the same, extra income, a fulfilling career, a life of purpose and significance, financial freedom, and the list goes on! How does it work? Bamboo Nutra offers a comprehensive system comprised of products, training, resources, technology, and support all wrapped up into what we call the By Nature Lifestyle. By simply living and promoting this Lifestyle, you can start to impact and better the lives of the people around you. Make the commitment to impact and add value to the lives of those around you, and our system will put you in a position to achieve your perfect balance of personal and financial success!

Whatever your aspirations are, it’s time to pursue them. Bamboo Nutra won’t just show you the destination; we will help you unlock and harness your potential, and walk side-by-side with you every step of the way!

Find out how the Bamboo Nutra Opportunity is right for you.

Bamboo Nutra is proud to present the Envision More lifestyle event.

Join Bamboo Nutra from January 28-30 2016 at the award-winning Motor City Casino in Detroit, Michigan, for three days filled with empowerment, inspiration, training and fun! The entire event is designed to help you skyrocket to the next level both personally and professionally!

You’ll hear first-hand from award-winning Network Marketing Professionals that know what it takes to be successful in this industry. You’ll also hear from world-renowned speakers that will motivate you – and your team – and give you all the tools to best navigate the highs and lows of business and personal life.

These professionals have helped millions of people to not only plan and strategize, but to actually execute and realize their goals and achieve true success.

In order to do more, be more, and achieve more, you must first Envision More!


Not only can you experience the rewarding and fulfilling lifestyle that goes hand-in-hand with joining the Bamboo Nutra Family, but for a limited time, you have the opportunity to earn a spot in Bamboo Nutra’s elite Founders Club. The Founders Club bonus pool is based on a percentage of company-wide profits, so that each time Bamboo Nutra grows, Founders Club Coaches grow right along with us!

The Founders Club awaits, and the first step is getting started!
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Our mission: people! It’s just that simple

Comprehensive lifestyle solutions developed around increasing the quality of life of people everywhere.


Health and Wellness is not just the latest hottest trend...


Bamboo Nutra is an innovative health supplement and lifestyle company at the forefront of this revolution that exists to enrich the lives of people! Our core philosophy is built around instilling key principles into people’s lives, such as: knowledge, education, confidence and compassion, while we spread Health and Wellness to every corner of the world.
Bamboo Nutra is, in quite simple terms, a mechanism. When this mechanism is set in motion, it becomes the foundation for a healthy, conscious, and sustainable [...]

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At Bamboo Nutra, our philosophies, values, and approach maintain a perfect synergy with the many benefits of the mighty Bamboo plant.

As an organization, we take pride in our many structural resemblances to Bamboo, but that’s certainly not the only thing. This incredible plant has tremendous therapeutic properties and has been utilized in healing for over a thousand years. We’ve been able to turn a super-ingredient that Bamboo contains - Bamboo Silica - into an essential component of our By Nature Lifestyle products. Bamboo Silica is widely known for its array of regenerative properties, and can also help the body to absorb minerals and nutrients more efficiently. By adding this powerful [...]

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